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How To Build Teslas FREE Electricity Generator


Hello and welcome to the Tesla Free Energy Generator and Device Plans for Building a Tesla Electricity Generator information and review website. My goal here, is to provide you with some background info on Nikola Tesla , guide you through His ideas and motivation for creating the Tesla radiant energy conversion generator.


This year has been a big one for Nikola Tesla - even in death he still captures the minds and imaginations of Millions of people with His amazing foresight and un-matched drive. When Nikola Tesla's free energy plans were released - or leaked - or however it happened -people were once again reminded of the man , the story and the questions surrounding Tesla's great demise back in the early 1900's.


Tesla Plans Blueprint Released


But with this enormous amount of attention - has brought with it a myriad of scientists , mechanical engineers and other inventors that were determined to re-create the Tesla Generator.  After more than a few of these free electricity devices were created successfully - we started to see complete guides and Tesla Generator Plans hitting the market - both offline and on.


Of course, we had to rifle through the collection of various Tesla free energy generator plans and blueprints before we could begin our OWN project -and before we could recommend Tesla Generator Plans to our sites visitors and followers. Because, as we found out very early on , when we first decided to create our own Energy Alliance Group back in 2001 - there are ALWAYS people that want to make a quick buck by throwing together some hasty set of images, information and systems, that usually only worked in THEORY.


But, eventually, we found the true answer to 'How to Build The Tesla Generator' - it was a set of plans that we think, were created by some incredible scholars that were dedicated to upholding the Tesla name.


Tesla Secret - Our Choice For Building The Tesla Generator


The 'Tesla Secret' set of plans is by far the most comprehensive and well put together blueprint available today. But that will only do you so much good - what really amazed me, was the way in which these plans seemed to make PERFECT SENSE - even when I wasnt entirely sure of why or what certain steps were actually for.




I cannot, in all honesty , tell you how close these plans are to the originals - but in my mind , there was a certain euphoria that would wash over me at certain points during our construction of the Tesla Energy / Electricity Generator. Either the academics that were responsible for putting these plans together had had there hands on some VERY ORIGINAL Nikole Tesla documents/blueprints - or they used the knowledge they were provided with with absolute accuracy.


Either way -it was amazing and i almost did not care if this radiant energy conversion device would turn the radiant energy into real, usable electricity or not.


Find out what our #1 Pick for how to Build The Tesla Generator is all about - and what is included in the Tesla Generator Plans:


 Build Tesla Generator With Tesla's Free Energy Plans

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jose 11/12/2016 10:52

I payed $49.00 on 5/14/2016 for the Tesla off-grid generator blueprints have not received book or download copy.I don't want my money back would like to have the printout.